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TM 9-8000
Figure 38-5. Landing Gear.
also serves as a mounting location for the landing gear.
Section II.38-5.GeneralDescription. Three-quarter trailers
In some cases, a storage box is mounted to the drawbar
(usually two-wheel) are used for light loads. The entire
to house the intervehicular cable and accessories.
trailer load is balanced on the trailer suspension. Usually
approximately 15 percent of the trailer load is thrust on
38-7.  Lunette.  The lunette (fig.  38-6) is the eye
the tractor connection. Three-quarter trailers are built in
many sizes and are fitted with various forms of bodies
assembly mounted to the front of the drawbar.  Its
ranging from the general pickup and tank (fuel and
circular shape allows it to be coupled to the pintle
water) to the more elaborate house trailers  used  as
assembly on the tow vehicle with ease.
recruiting vehicles.  In some of the
heavier types, tandem axles are employed to carry the
38-8.  Landing Gear. The landing gear (fig. 38-6) is
used to support the front of the trailer when uncoupled
from the tow vehicle. The landing gear wheel rotates on
Two different types of three-quarter trailers are illustrated
a shaft held by a yoke that is free to turn horizontally.
in figure 38-6. The frame and body form an integral unit.
The yoke also
The crossmembers underneath the body reinforce the
floorboard and form the rear section of the frame.
38-6.  Drawbar.  The drawbar (fig. 38-6) connects
the front end of the trailer body to the coupling device. It


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