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TM 9-8000
ABDC. After bottom dead center.
through jackets surrounding the cylinders.
AC.  Alternating current, or current that reverses Its
Air Filter. A filter through which air passes, and which
direction at regular Intervals.
removes dust and dirt particles from the air. Air filters are
placed in passages through which air must pass, as in
Accelerating Pump.  A device in the carburetor that
crankcase breather, air cleaner, etc.
supplies an additional amount of fuel, temporarily
enriching the fuel-air mixture when the throttle is
Air-Fuel Ratio. The ratio between the volume of air and
suddenly opened.
the volume of fuel used to establish the combustion
The process of increasing velocity.
Average rate of change of increasing velocity, usually in
Air Horn. That part of the air passage In the carburetor
feet per second.
that is on the atmospheric side of the venturi. The choke
valve is located in the air horn.
Accelerator. Pedal and linkage used to control engine
Air-Pac Brakes.
A type of braking system using a
Accumulator.  A container used In an air conditioning
system to filter and remove moisture.
Alloy. A mixture of two or more materials.
Accumulator  Piston.
A  unit  In  the  automatic
Alternator.  A device similar to a generator but which
transmission used to apply the brake band quickly and
produces ac current.
Ambient  Temperature.
The  temperature
Ackerman Steering.  The steering system design that
environment surrounding an object.
permits the front wheels to round a turn without sideslip
by turning the Inner wheel in more than the outer wheel.
Ammeter. An electric meter that measures current, In
amperes, in an electric circuit.
Air Bleed. A passage in the carburetor through which air
can seep or bleed into fuel moving through a fuel
Ampere. Unit of electric-current-flow measurement. The
current that will flow through a 1-ohm resistance when 1
volt is Impressed across the resistance.
Airbrakes. Vehicle brakes actuated by air pressure.
Amphibious Vehicle. A vehicle with a hull that permits it
Air Cleaner.  A device, mounted on the carburetor or
to float in water, and tracks or wheels that permit It to
connected to the carburetor, through which air must pass
travel on land.
before entering the carburetor air horn. A filtering device
In the air cleaner removes dust and dirt particles from
Angle of Approach. The maximum angle of an incline
the air.
onto which a vehicle can move from a horizontal plane
without interference; as, for  Instance, from  front
Air Conditioning. A system designed to provide control
over air temperature, movement, and humidity.
Angle of Departure. The maximum angle of an Incline
Air-Cooled Engine. An engine cooled by air circulating
from which a vehicle can move onto a horizontal plane
between cylinders and around cylinder head as opposed
without Interference; as, for Instance, from rear bumpers.
to the liquid-cooled engine cooled by a liquid passing
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