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TM 9-8000
Brake Hose.  A tubular hose used to transmit fluid
Camber.  To curve or bend; the amount in Inches or
pressure when a flexible joint is required.
degrees that the front wheels of an automotive vehicle
are tilted from a true vertical at the top. Cam-Ground. A
Brake Line. A rigid tube used to carry brake fluid.
process by which the piston is ground slightly egg-
shaped and, when heated, becomes round.
Brake Lining. A special woven fabric material with which
brakeshoes or brake bands are lined: it withstands high
A shaft with cam lobes used to operate
temperatures and pressures.
Breaker Points.  An adjustable cam-operated switch
Capacitance.  That property of a circuit that tends to
Inside the distributor used to trigger the coil.
Increase the amount of current flowing in a circuit for a
given voltage or to delete In its entirety.
Brakes. The mechanism that slows or stops a vehicle or
mechanism when a pedal or other control is operated.
Capacitor (Condenser).
A device for inserting the
Also called the brake system.
property of capacitance into a circuit; two or more
conductors separated by a dielectric.
Brakeshoes. The curved metal part, faced with brake
lining, that is forced against the brakedrum to produce
Carbon  Monoxide. A  colorless,  odorless, tasteless,
braking or retarding action.
deadly gas found in engine exhaust. This gas is formed
by Incomplete burning of hydrocarbons.
Brake System. The system on a vehicle that slows or
stops it as a pedal or lever is operated.
Carbon-Pile Regulator. A type of regulator for regulating
or controlling voltage or amperage in a circuit, which
Bronze. An alloy consisting essentially of copper and tin.
makes use of a stack, or pile, or carbon disks.
Brushes. The carbon or carbon and metal parts in a
Carburetor. The device In a fuel system that mixes fuel
motor or generator that contact the rotating armature
and air and delivers the combustible mixture to the
commutator or rings.
Intake manifold.
BTDC.  Before top dead center. Bushing.  A sleeve
Caster. The amount in degrees that the steering knuckle
placed in a bore to serve as a bearing surface.
pivots are tilted forward or backward from a true vertical.
Bypass. A separate passage that permits a liquid, gas,
Casting. Pouring metal Into a mold to form an object.
or electric current to take a path other than that normally
Catalytic Converter.  A device used on some exhaust
systems to reduce harmful emissions.
Cab. Separate driver's compartment provided on trucks.
Cell. A combination of electrodes and an electrolyte that
Caliper.  A disk brake component used to house the
converts chemical energy into electrical energy; two or
piston(s) and brake pads.
more cells connected together form a battery.
Cam. A moving part of an irregular form designed to
Center Link.  Also referred to as a relay rod used to
move or alter the motion of another part.
transmit motion from pitman arm to tie rods.
Center  Steering  Linkage.
A  steering  system
configuration using two tie rods connected to steering
arms and to a central idler arm; the idler arm pivots on
the frame on one end and is connected to the drag link
on the other.


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