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TM 9-8000
Centrifugal Advance.  The mechanism in an ignition
Clutch.  The mechanism in an automotive vehicle,
distributor by which the spark is advanced or retarded as
located in the power train, that connects the engine to, or
the engine speed varies.
disconnects the engine from, the remainder of the power
Centrifugal Force. The force acting on a rotating body,
which tends to move its parts outward and away from the
Coil. In electrical circuits, turns of wire, usually on a core
center of rotation.
and enclosed in a case, through which electric current
CFM. Cubic feet per minute.
Coil Spring. A type of spring made of an elastic metal
Charge Indicator. The device on a vehicle that indicates,
such as steel, formed into a wire or bar and wound into a
by a needle, whether or not the battery is receiving a
charge from the generator.
Combat Vehicle. A type of vehicle, usually armored, for
Charging Rate. The rate of flow, in amperes, of electric
use in armed combat.
current flowing through a battery while it is being
Combustion.  A chemical action, or burning; in an
engine, the burning of a fuel-air mixture in the
Chassis. An assembly of mechanisms, attached to a
combustion chamber.
frame, that make up the major operating part of an
automotive vehicle (less body).
Combustion Chamber.  The space at the top of the
cylinder and in the head in which combustion of the fuel-
Choke. A device in the carburetor that chokes off, or
air mixture takes place.
reduces, the flow of air into the intake manifold; this
produces a partial vacuum in the intake manifold and a
Commutation.  The process of converting alternating
consequent richer fuel-air mixture.
current that flows in the armature windings of direct
current generators into direct current.
Choke Stove. A device used to draw heat from around
the exhaust manifold into the carburetor during engine
Commutator. That part of rotating machinery that makes
electrical contact with the brushes and connects the
armature windings with the external circuit.
CID. Cubic inch displacement.
Compensating Port. A small hole in the brake master
Circuit. A closed path or combination of paths through
cylinder to permit fluid to return to the reservoir.
which passage of the medium (electric current, air, liquid,
etc) is possible.
Compression. The act of pressing into a smaller space
or reducing in size or volume by pressure. Compression
Circuit Breaker.
In electric circuits, a mechanism
Ratio. The ratio between the volume n the cylinder with
designed to break or open the circuit when certain
the piston at bottom dead center and with the piston at
conditions exist; especially the device in automotive
top dead center.
circuits that opens the circuit between the generator and
battery to prevent overcharging of the battery. (One of
Compression Rings. The upper rings on a piston; the
the three units comprising a generator regulator.)
rings designed to hold the compression in the cylinder
and prevent blowby.
Clearance. A given amount of space between two parts.
Compression Stroke.  The piston stroke from bottom
Clockwise. The direction of movement, usually rotary,
dead center to top dead center during which both valves
which is the same as movement of hands on the face of
are  closed  and  the  gases  in  the  cylinder  are
a clock.


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