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TM 9-8000
Exhaust Manifold. That part of the engine that provides
when current passes through it.
a series of passages through which burned gases from
Filter. A device through which gas or liquid is passed;
the engine' cylinders may flow to the muffler.
dirt, dust, and other impurities are removed by the
separating action.
Exhaust Stroke.  The piston stroke from bottom dead
center to top dead center during which the exhaust valve
Final Drive.  That part of the power train on tractors,
is opened so that burned gases are forced from the
truck tractor tanks, and tank like vehicles that carries the
engine cylinder.
driving power to the wheels or sprockets to produce the
vehicle motion as they turn.
Exhaust Valve. The valve that opens to allow the burned
gases to escape from the cylinder during the exhaust
Firewall. The partition between the engine compartment
and driver's compartment.
Expansion Tank. A tank separate from the radiator used
Firing Order.  The order in which respective cylinders
to compensate for expansion and contraction of engine
deliver their power strokes.
Flashpoint. The temperature at which an oil will ignite
Expansion Valve. A unit used on some air conditioning
and burn.
systems to control flow and reduce pressure of the
In the carburetor, the metal shell that is
suspended by the fuel in the float bowl and controls a
Fan. See Cooling Fan.
needle valve that regulates the fuel level in the bowl.
Ferrous Metal. A metal that contains iron or steel.
Float Bowl.  A section in the carburetor used as a
reservoir for gasoline and in which the float is placed.
F-Head. A type of engine with valves arranged to form
an F; one valve is in the head, the other in the cylinder
Float Circuit. In the carburetor, the circuit that controls
entry of fuel and fuel level in the float bowl.
Field. In a generator or electric motor, the area in which
Float Level. The height of fuel in the carburetor as set by
a magnetic flow occurs.
the float.
Field Coil. A coil of wire, wound around an iron core, that
Fluid Coupling.  A coupling in the power train that
produces the magnetic field in a generator or motor
connects between the engine and other power train
when current passes through it.
members through a fluid.
Field Frame. The frame in a generator or motor Into
Lines of magnetic force moving through a
which the field coils are assembled.
magnetic field.
Field Winding. See Field Coil.
Flywheel.  The rotating metal wheel, attached to the
crankshaft, that helps level out the power surges from
Fifth Wheel. The flat, round, heavy steel plates (upper
the power strokes and also serves as part of the clutch
and lower) together with a kingpin for coupling semitrailer
and engine-cranking system.
to truck tractor. The lower plate is mounted on the truck
tractor, the upper on the semitrailer.
Foot Pound.  A unit of work done in raising 1 pound
avoirdupois against the force of gravity to the height of 1
Filament. A fine wire inside a light bulb that emits light


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