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TM 9-8000
Generator Regulator. In the electrical system, the unit
shaped combustion chamber with valves placed on
that is composed of the current regulator voltage
opposite sides of a centrally located spark plug.
regulator, and circuit breaker relay.
Herringbone Gears. Gears having teeth machined in a
Glow Plug. A device placed in some diesel engines that
glows when activated to aid in starting.
High-Speed Circuit.  In the carburetor, the passages
Governor. A mechanism that controls speed or other
through which fuel flows when the throttle valve is fully
Specifically, speed governors used on
automotive vehicles to prevent excessive engine speed
by controlling actions in the carburetor.
High Tension.  Another term for high voltage.  In the
electrical system, refers to the ignition secondary circuit
Grid.  A lead screen or plate to which battery plate
since this circuit produces high-voltage surges to cause
material is attached.
sparking at the spark plugs.
Ground. Connection of an electrical unit to the engine or
Hill Holder.  A device that automatically prevents the
frame to return the current to its source.
vehicle from rolling backwards down a hill when the
vehicle is brought to a stop.
Gusset Plate. A plate at the joint of a frame structure of
steel to strengthen the joint.
Horn. An electrical signaling device on the vehicle.
Half Track. A vehicle using tracks Instead of wheels at
Horsepower. A measure of a definite amount of power;
the rear.
550 foot pound per second.
Handbrake. A brake operated by hand. Also referred to
Hotchkiss Drive. A type of rear live axle suspension In
as the parking brake.
which the springs serve as torque members.
Headlight. Lights at the front of the vehicle designed to
Hull. In a tank, the protective shell that encloses the
Illuminate the road ahead when the vehicle is traveling
vehicle components and occupants.
Hydraulic Brakes. A braking system that uses a fluid to
Heat. A form of energy.
transmit hydraulic pressure from a master cylinder to
wheel cylinders, which then cause brakeshoe movement
Heat Crossover. A passage from one exhaust manifold
and braking action.
under carburetor to the other manifold to provide heat to
the base of carburetor during warmup.
Hydraulic Steering. A steering system that uses a fluid to
produce an assisting hydraulic pressure on the steering
Heat Exchanger.  A device used to cool or heat by
linkage, thus reducing the steering effort on the part of
transferring heat from one object to another.
the driver.
Heat Stove.
A metal shroud around the exhaust
Hydraulic Traversing Mechanism.  A turret traversing
manifold or intake manifold that supplies the carburetor
system that makes use of hydraulic pressure to furnish
with warm air when needed.
the motive power to traverse the turret.
Helical. In the shape of a helix, which is the shape of a
Hydraulic Valve Tappet. A valve tappet that, by means
screw thread or coil spring.
of hydraulic pressure, maintains zero valve clearance so
that valve noise is reduced.
Hemispherical Combustion Chamber.
A round dome-


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