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TM 9-8000
LPG. Liquefied petroleum gas.
developed by depression of the brake pedal,
Lubrication. The process of supplying a coating of oil
Master Rod. In a radial engine, the rod to which all other
between moving surfaces to prevent actual contact
connecting rods are attached or articulated.
between them. The oil film permits relative movement
with little frictional resistance.
Matter. Anything that has weight and occupies space.
Lunette. An eye that hooks into a pintle assembly to tow
Mechanical Efficiency. In an engine, the ratio between
brake horsepower and Indicated horsepower.
MacPherson Strut. A front end suspension system In
Mechanism. A system of parts or appliances that acts
which the wheel assembly is attached to a long
as a working agency to achieve a desired result.
telescopic strut.
Member. Any essential part of a machine or structure.
Magnet. Any body that has the ability to attract Iron.
Meshing. The mating or engaging of the teeth of two
Magnetic  Clutch.  An  electric clutch that engages
and disengages the air conditioning compressor.
Metering Rod. A small rod, having a varied diameter,
Magnetic Field. The space around a magnet that the
operated within a Jet to vary the flow of fuel through the
magnetic lines of force permeate.
Magnetic Flux. The total amount of magnetic Induction
Modulator. A pressure control or adjusting valve used In
across or through a given surface.
hydraulic systems of automatic transmissions.
Magnetic Pole. Focus of magnetic lines of force entering
Molecule. The smallest particle into which a chemical
or emanating from magnet.
compound can be divided.
The  property  exhibited  by  certain
Motor.  A device for converting electrical energy into
substances and produced by electron (or electric current)
mechanical energy.
motion, which results in the attraction of Iron.
Muffler. In the exhaust system, a device through which
Magneto.  A device that generates voltage surges,
the exhaust gases must pass; In the muffler, the exhaust
transforms them to high-voltage surges, and distributes
sounds are greatly reduced.
them to the engine cylinder spark plugs.
Mutual Induction. Induction associated with more than
Main Bearing. In the engine, the bearings that support
one circuit, as two coils, one of which induces current In
the crankshaft.
the other as the current in the first changes.
Manifold. See Intake Manifold or Exhaust Manifold.
Needle Bearing.  An antifriction roller-type bearing in
which the rollers have a very narrow diameter In relation
Master Cylinder.  In the hydraulic braking system, the
to their length,
liquid-filled cylinder in which hydraulic pressure is


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