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TM 9-8000
Sealed Beam. A special type of headlight in which the
bearing cap for example, to adjust bearing clearance.
reflector and lens are sealed together to enclose and
protect the filaments.
Shimmy. Abnormal sidewise vibration, particularly of the
front wheels.
Sealed Bearing. A bearing that has been lubricated and
sealed during manufacturing and cannot be lubricated
Shock Absorber. A device placed at a vehicle wheel to
during service.
regulate spring rebound and compression.
Seat. The surface upon which another part rests.
Short Circuit.
In electrical circuits, an abnormal
connection that permits current to take a short path or
Secondary Brakeshoe.
A brakeshoe that is installed
circuit, thus bypassing important parts of the normal
facing rear of car.
Secondary Wires.
The wire from the coil to the
Forward subassembly of a body or cab
distributor central tower and the spark plug wires.
containing dash, cowl, and instrument panel.  Also, a
hood placed around a fan to improve fan action.
Self-Energizing. A brakeshoe that develops a wedging
action to assist in development of brake force.
Shunt. Parallel connections, in a portion of an electrical
Self-Induction. A property of a circuit that causes it to
magnetically affect voltage and current in the circuit.
The section of tire between the tread and
Semielliptical Spring. A series of leaf springs starting
with the longest on top and a number of progressively
Sight Glass.  A glass window in an air conditioning
shorter springs attached below.
system used for detection of moisture or bubbles.
Semitrailer. A type of trailer supported at the rear by
Slip Joint.
In the power train, a variable-length
attached wheels and at the front by the truck tractor; the
connection that permits the propeller shaft to change
truck tractor can be coupled and uncoupled by means of
effective length.
fifth wheel.
Sodium Valve. A valve that has been filled with sodium
Separator. In the storage battery, the wood, rubber, or
to increase heat transfer.
glass mat strip used as insulator to hold the battery
plates apart.
SOHC. Single overhead camshaft.
Series Circuit. The electrical circuit formed when two or
Solenoid. A coil of wire that exhibits magnetic properties
more electrical devices have unlike terminals connected
when electric current passes through it.
together (positive to negative) so that the same current
must flow through all.
Solid Axle. A single beam configuration that connects
two wheels.
Servo Action.  Brakeshoes configured such that the
primary brakeshoe assists in applying the secondary
South Pole.  The pole of the magnet into which it is
assumed the magnetic lines of force pass.
Shackle. A swinging support that permits a leaf spring to
Spark Plug.  The assembly that includes a pair of
vary in length as it is deflected.
electrodes which has the purpose of providing a spark
gap in the engine cylinder.
Shim. A strip of copper or similar material, used under a


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