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TM 1-2840-238-23P
(2)  Warnings for hazardous substances have been developed from dated manufacturer's Material Safety
Data Sheets (MSDS), when available. Each Warning is valid as of its specific preparation date. To ensure compli-
ance with current precautionary information:
Read and follow specific instructions in MSDS for types of personal protective equipment (safety
glasses, gloves, apron, etc.), for use of ventilators or respirators, for types of fire extinguishers, and
for treating medical emergencies.
Read and follow the hazardous materials label posted on the container for the specific substance and
the MSDS supplied by the manufacturer.
Follow established shop practices and procedures when using, handling, and storing hazardous mate-
Dispose of hazardous materials by complying with existing federal, state, or local regulations.
This engine may contain small amounts of
asbestos. When working with this engine, the
following precautions must be rigidly
adhered to:
Before any maintenance activities are
undertaken, review table 1-1 to deter-
mine if the hardware to be worked on or
used contains asbestos.
Whenever mechanical removal of mate-
rial, such as machining, grinding, buff-
ing, drilling, sanding or any type of
material build-up on parts that contain
asbestos is necessary, appropriate per-
sonal protective equipment must be
worn, and national environmental con-
trols required for the handling of asbes-
tos-containing material must be
complied with.
Before handling, replacing, or disposing
of asbestos-containing hardware, appro-
priate personal protective equipment and
national environmental controls must be
strictly adhered to for handling asbestos-
containing hardware.


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