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TM   5-2815-241-34&P FUEL  PUMP  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS FRONT COVER ASSEMBLY REPAIR - CONTINUED 89. Tachometer  drive Inspect  for  damage  or  wear. housing   (1) Discard  if  damaged  or  worn. 90. Assembled   tachometer Inspect for wear, scoring, nicks, or broken drive shaft and gear   teeth. gear (2) Tag  worn,  scored,  nicked,  and  bro- ken  parts  for  replacement. NOTE Perform steps 91 thru 94 only if tachometer drive shaft, bushing, or gear are to be replaced.  If  none  of  these  parts  are  to  be  replaced,  proceed  to  step  95. 91. Tachometer drive shaft  (3) Tachometer  gear  (4) and  tachometer bushing   (5) a. Using arbor press and mandrel, or ST-1231  gear  puller,  press  or  pull tachometer  gear  from  tachometer  drive shaft. b.   Remove   tachometer   bushing. NOTE Steps 92 and 93 cover inspection for tachometer drive shaft and tachometer bushing. Perform steps 92 and 93 only if these parts have not been tagged for replacement. 92. Tachometer   drive shaft  (3) Using  0-  to  1-inch  micrometer,  measure tachometer drive shaft in several places. Diameter  should  be  0.3950  to  0.3955  inch (10.033  to  10.046  mm). Discard  if  worn  smaller  than  0.3950 inch (10.033 mm). 93. Tachometer bushing  (5) Using bore gage, measure inside diameter of  tachometer  bushing.  Inside  diameter should  be  0.3963  to  0.3970  inch  (10.066  to 10.084  mm). Discard  if  worn  larger  than  0.3970 inch (10.084 mm). 2-316


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