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TM  5-2815-241-34&P FUEL  PUMP  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS FUEL PUMP ASSEMBLY - CONTINUED 141. Fuel   pump Turn drive coupling to be sure tachometer assembly  (1) drive  gear  is  in  mesh. 142.  Fuel  pump assembly  (1) Gear  pump  (2),  new gear  pump  gasket (3),  four  screws (4),  and  four  new lockwashers   (5) a. b. C. d. Check new gear pump gasket against gear pump to be sure all fuel pump holes are  on  new  gear  pump  gasket. Position new gear pump gasket on fuel pump  assembly. Install gear pump, four screws and four new  lockwashers  to  fuel  pump  housing. Using  1/2-inch  drive  3/16-inch  hex- head socket and 0 to 150 ft lb (0 to 210 N•m) torque wrench, tighten in incre- ments to 11 to 13 ft lb (15 to 18 N•m). Turn drive coupling to make sure gear pump turns freely. 143. 144. 145. Pulsation  damper (6),  four  screws (7),  four  new  lock- washers   (8), and four flat washers  (9) Shutdown  valve  (10), new  gasket  (11),  two new   lockwashers (12), and two screws   (13) Aneroid  control  feed line  (14)  and return  (15) e. a. b. C. a. b. C. Check  to  make  sure  seal  and  O-ring  are in  pulsation  damper  body  and  position pulsation damper on gear pump. Install  four  new  lockwashers,  four  flat washers,   and   four   screws. Using  3/8-inch  drive  3/16-inch  hex- head socket and 0 to 150 in. lb (0 to 16.9  N•m)  torque  wrench,  tighten  to 132 to 156 in. lb (1.24 to 1.47 N•m). Position gasket and shutdown valve on fuel pump assembly. Install  two  new  lockwashers  and  two screws. Using  3/16-inch  hex  key,  screw  in  and tighten. Using   5/8-inch   open-end   wrench,   screw on  and  tighten. 2-332


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