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TM   5-2815-241-34&P CRANKSHAFT  REMOVAL  -  CONTINUED INITIAL  SETUP  -  CONTINUED Materials/Parts Equipment   Condition Covering,  suitable,  connecting  rod Tag,  marker  (item  17,  appendix  B) Oil  pan  removed  (page  2-44). Gearcase  cover  removed  (page  2-48). ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS 1. Rear of cylinder block  (1) Eight  screws  (2), eight   lockwashers (3), rear cover (4), and  gasket  (5) Using  1/2-inch  drive  9/16-inch  socket  and ratchet  handle,  unscrew  and  take  off. Discard  gasket  and  lockwashers. 2.  Connecting  rod caps  (6) Twelve  nuts  (7)  and twelve   hardened washers  (8) Using  3/4-inch  drive  15/16-inch  socket  and hinged  handle,  unscrew  and  take  off. Discard   hardened   washers. NOTE Tag connecting rod caps, lower bearings, and upper bearings to aid in correct reassembly. 3. Crankshaft (9) Connecting  rod  caps (6),  lower  bearing (10),  and  upper bearing  (11) Take  off. WARNING Safety goggles must be worn to prevent eye injury caused by flying steel chips. CAUTION Use  suitable  covering  over  connecting  rod  bolts  to  protect  journals. 4.  Main  bearing caps  (12) Fourteen  lock plates  (13) Using   16-ounce   ball-peen   hammer   and 1/2-inch cold chisel, bend back tabs on lock  plates. 5. Fourteen  screws  (14) and  fourteen  lock plates  (13) Using  3/4-inch  drive  1  1/2-inch  socket  and hinged  handle,  unscrew  and  take  out. Discard  lock  plates. 2-50


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