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TM  5-2815-241-34&P CRANKSHAFT  INSTALLATION  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS NOTE Before performing steps 6 and 7, coat lower main bearings and lower thrust rings with lubricating   oil. 6.  Crankshaft  main Seven  new  lower  main bearing   journals   (1) bearings  (2) Put in and aline notch in lower main bearing with  ring  dowels  in  cylinder  block. 7. Rear main bearing cap  (3) Two  new  thrust Aline  ring  dowel  grooves  with  ring  dowels  on washers  (4) rear main bearing cap and put on. NOTE Before  performing  step  8,  coat  main  bearing  capscrew  threads  with  lubricating  oil  and coat under head of screws and lockplates with gear oil. Position  main  bearing  caps  with  number  identification  stamp  facing  camshaft  side  of engine. 8. Cylinder block (5) Six main bearing caps  (6),  rear  main bearing cap (3) fourteen  new  lock plates (7) and four- teen  capscrews  (8) a. Position six main bearing caps and rear main bearing cap on cylinder block. b. Using  3/4-inch  drive  1  1/2-inch  socket and ratchet handle, screw in. Do  not  tighten. NOTE When performing step 9, torque capscrews in the order shown in Main Bearing Capscrew   Tightening   Sequence   (page   2-57). 9. Fourteen   cap- screws  (8) Using  3/4-inch  drive  1  1/2-inch  socket  and 100 to 600 ft lb (140 to 840 N•m) torque wrench,  torque  in  step  sequence  shown  in Main  Bearing  Capscrew  Torquing  Sequence (page  2-57). 2-56


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