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TM   5-2815-241-34&P CRANKSHAFT  INSTALLATION  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS NOTE Method  for  mounting  dial  indicator  is  at  discretion  of  using  facility.  Set  contact  point  of dial  indicator  on  crankshaft  end  face. 10. Cylinder block (1) Crankshaft   (2) a. Using  pry  bar,  pry  crankshaft  toward front  of  cylinder  block. Set dial lndicator to zero. b. Using  pry  bar,  pry  crankshaft  toward rear of cylinder block. Dial  Indicator  reading  should  be  0.007 to  0.017  Inch  (0.18  to  0.43  mm).  If reading  Is  less  than  0.007  Inch  (0.18 mm),  perform  step  11.  If  reading  Is more  than  0.017  Inch  (0.43  mm), Install  oversized  thrust  rings. 11. Fourteen  screws  (3) and   crankshaft   (2) a. Using  3/4-inch  drive  1  1/2-inch  socket and  hinged  handle,  loosen  screws  one turn, b. Using  pry  bar,  pry  crankshaft  toward front and rear of cylinder block. Perform  steps  9  and  10  agaln. 12.  Seven  main  bearing caps  (4) Fourteen  new  lock plates  (5) Using 1/8-inch driftpin punch and 16-ounce ball-peen hammer, bend tabs of lock plates against  heads  of  screws  (3). NOTE Before  performing  step  13,  clean  crankshaft  seal  area  with  crocus  cloth.  Crankshaft seal  area  must  be  clean  and  dry. 13. Cylinder block (1) Eight  screws  (6), eight  new  lock- washers  (7),  rear cover  (8),  and  new gasket  (9) a. Position rear cover and gasket on front of cylinder  block. b. Screw  in  eight  screws  and  lockwashers. Hand  tighten  only. NOTE Method  for  mounting  dial  indicator  is  at  discretion  of  using  facility.  Position  dial  indicator on crankshaft end face and set contact point on edge of cover opening. Set dial indicator to  zero. 2-58


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