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Figure 13-2 Changing Tamper Oil. TM   5-3895-360-13 13-2.  CHANGING  TAMPER  OIL. NOTE   Refer to Figure 13-2, Changing  Tamper  Oil.   The VR11C and VR11 tamper oil is changed the same way. The VR11C is illustrated.   A suitable container should be used to catch any  draining  oil.  Ensure  that  all  spills  are cleaned  properly.   It maybe necessary to tip the tamper to drain all oil. a. Remove oil sight indicator(1) from lower unit (2) and allow oil to drain. b. Tip tamper on side and fill lower unit (2) with lubricat- ing oil (Item 13, Appendix E) through oil sight indica- tor (1) opening. c.  Install  oil  sight  indicator  (1)  on  lower  unit  (2)  and stand tamper upright. Oil should be present halfway up oil sight indicator. Add oil as necessary. 13-2


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