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TM   5-3895-360-13 APPENDIX  G TORQUE LIMITS G-1 . SCOPE. This appendix lists standard torque values, as shown in Table G-1, and provides general information for applying torque. Special torque values and tightening sequences are indicated in the maintenance procedures for applica- ble components. G-2.   GENERAL. a.  Always  use  the  torque  values  listed  in  Table  G-1 when the maintenance procedure does not give a specific torque value. b.  Unless  otherwise  indicated,  standard  torque  toler- ance shall be ± 10%. c. Torque values listed are based on clean, dry threads. Reduce torque by 10% when engine oil is used as a lubricant. Reduce torque by 20% if new plated caps- crews are used. d. Capscrews threaded into aluminum may require re- ductions in torque of 30% or more of Grade 5 caps- crews  torque.  Capscrew  threaded  into  aluminum must also attain two capscrew diameters of thread engagement. G-1


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