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TM 5-3895-360-13 Table  4-2.  Unit  Troubleshooting  (Con’t). PROBLEM PROBABLE CAUSE TEST PROCEDURE/REMEDY Engine starts but will not continue d. Fuel filter is dirty or clogged. d. Remove fuel filter (see paragraph to run (Con’t). 7-6) and clean or replace as nec- essary. e. Ignition is faulty. e. Check ignition wiring and coil and replace as necessary (see paragraph  9-2). 4.  Engine  lacks  power. a. Sparkplug is defective or fouled. a. Replace spark plug (see para- graph 9-3). b. Breaker points are out of adjust- b. Adjust breaker points (see para- ment. graph 9-2). c. Carburetor is out of adjustment. c.  Adjust  carburetor  (see  paragraph 7-2). d. Fuel line is restricted. d.  Remove  fuel  line  (see  paragraph 7-6)  and  clear  restriction.  Re- place fuel line as necessary (see paragraph 7-6). e. Fuel filter is dirty or clogged. e. Remove fuel filter (see paragraph 7-6) and clean or replace as nec- essary. WARNING Carburetor cleaning compound is a corrosive Iiquid. If splashed In , eyes, It can cause blindness. If splashed on skin, It can cause se- rious  burns.  Always  wear  protec- tive goggles or lenses, rubber apron, and rubber gloves. If acci- dentally splashed in eyes or on skin, flush with clean, cool water. Refer to FM 21-11 for first old in- formation and seek medical atten- tion Immediately. f. Muffler is clogged. f. Clean carbon from muffler using carburetor  cleaning  compound (Item 6, Appendix E). 4-8


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