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TM   5-3895-360-13 6-1.  ENGINE  STARTER  MAINTENANCE  (Con’t). h. Thread rope (3) through handle (18) and tie knot at end of rope. i.  Install  cap  (17)  on  handle  (18). NOTE Refer to Figure 6-3, Starter Dog Set Replace- ment, for steps j through I j.  install  three  springs  (15)  in  starter  cover  (16)  with angled ends up in cut outs. k.  Install  dog  set  (14)  in  cutouts  by  moving  ends  of springs  out  and  away  from  starter  cover.  Dogs should now be held in place by springs. 1.  Apply  adhesive  (Item  2,  Appendix  E)  to  threads  of screw (11), and install spring (13) and dog retainer (12) on starter cover (16) with screw. INSTALLATION NOTE Refer to Figure 6-2, Engine Starter Screen Re- placement, for steps a and b. a. Position starter screen (6) and starter cup (7) on fly- wheel (10). b.  Install  new  Iockwasher  (8)  and  nut  (9)  on  engine crankshaft (5). NOTE Refer to Figure 6-1,  Engine  Stater  Replace- ment, for step c through e. c. d. e. install engine starter (2) on fan housing (1) with four screws  (4).  Tighten  screws  fingertight. CAUTION Perform step d to center starter on engine. Fail- ure to center starter on engine will result In damage  to  equipment. Pull rope (3) until dogs engage cup. Torque four screws (4) to 30 lb.-in. (3.39 N•m). Figure  6-4.  Starter  Pulley  Replacement. 6-4


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