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TM   5-3895-360-13 6-3.  ENGINE  CRANKSHAFT,  PISTON,  AND  CONNECTING  ROD  REPLACEMENT  (Con’t). d. e. f. NOTE Refer to Figure 6-8, Crankshaft Replacement, for steps d through g. Remove two screws (11), connecting rod cap (10), and roller and cage set (8) from crankshaft (9). Push connecting rod (7) into cylinder (1) as far as possible. Remove retaining ring (12) from crankshaft (9). g. Rotate crankshaft (9) until counterweights clear con- necting rod (7) and carefully remove crankshaft from cylinder  (1). NOTE Refer to Figure 6-9,  Piston  Replacement,  for step h. h. Remove piston (13) from cylinder (1). Figure  6-7.  Crankshaft  Support  Replacement. 6-8


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