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6-3.   ENGINE  CRANKSHAFT, TM  5-3895-360-13 PISTON, AND CONNECTING ROD REPLACEMENT (Con’t). q. r. s. t. Difference between largest and smallest measure- ment instep p must not exceed 0.005 in. (0.127 mm). Replace cylinder if measurement is not within speci- fication. Clean  and  inspect  bearings  in  accordance  with TM  9-214. Inspect crankshaft support for cracks and other dam- age. Replace crankshaft support if cracked or dam- aged. Inspect crankshaft for scoring, wear, and damaged threads. Repair damaged threads with die and tap threading set, Replace crankshaft if scored or worn. INSTALLATION a. b. c. NOTE Refer to Figure 6-11, Connectlng Rod Replace- ment, for steps a and b. Coat piston pin (18) with lubricating oil (item 12, Ap- pendix E) and install piston (13) on connecting rod (7) with piston pin. Install two retaining rings (17) on ends of piston pin (18). NOTE Refer to Figure 6-12,  Piston  Rings  Replace- ment, for step c. Apply light coat of lubricating oil (Item 12, Appen- dix E) to two piston rings (19) and using piston ring compressor, install piston rings on piston (13) with beveled side up and piston ring gaps offset. d. e. f. g. h. NOTE Refer to Figure 6-10, Crankshaft BearIng Re- placement, for step d. Apply light coat of grease (item 10, Appendix E) to new seal (16) and install seal, retaining ring (1 5), and bearing (14) in cylinder (1). NOTE Refer to Figure 6-9,  Piston  Replacement,  for steps e and f. Apply light coat of lubricating oil (item 12, Appen- dix E) on cylinder (1). CAUTION Closed  end  of  piston  pin  must  face  support plate. Insert piston (13) and connecting rod (7) into cylinder (1) and guide piston into cylinder using piston ring compressor.  Push  piston  and  connecting  rod  into cylinder as far as possibie. NOTE Refer to Figure 6-8, Crankshaft Replacement, for steps g and h. Position crankshaft (9) in cylinder (1) and install re- taining ring (12). Apply light coat of adhesive (item 2, Appendix E) to two screws (11) and install roller and cage set (8) and connecting rod cap (10) on crankshaft (9) with two  screws.  Tighten  screws  gradually  and  evenly while moving connecting rod cap back and forth until it is properly alined with connecting rod (7). Torque screws to 80-90 lb.-in. (9.04-10.17 N•m). 6-13


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