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TM  5-3895-360-13 6-4.  ENGINE  REED  AND ENGINE REED INSPECTION a. b. c. d. NOTE Refer to Figure 6-17, Engine for steps a through d. REED PLATE REPLACEMENT (Con’t). Reed  Inspection, Press lightly on center of reed stop (5) with finger. No movement is permitted. Replace reed stop if move- ment is detected. Check  reed  stop  (5)  opening.  Opening  measure- ment must be ¼ in. (6.35 mm). Replace reed stop if measurement is not within specification. Check that engine reed (6) closes easily and com- pletely.  Replace  engine  reed  if  it  does  not  close properly. Inspect reed stop (5) and engine reed (6) for cracks and  other  damage.  Replace  reed  stop  or  engine reed if damaged. ENGINE REED INSTALLATION NOTE Refer to Figure 6-18, Engine  Reed  Replace- ment. Install engine reed (6) and reed stop (5) on reed plate (2) with screw (7). Figure 6-18. Engine Reed Replacement. Figure 6-17. Engine Reed inspection. ENGiNE REED REMOVAL NOTE Refer to Figure 6-18,  Engine  Reed  Replace- ment. Remove screw (7), reed stop (5), and engine reed (6) from reed plate (2). REED PLATE iNSTALLATION NOTE Refer to Figure 6-16,  Reed Plate Replacement, for step a. a. Install new gasket (1) and reed plate (2) on cylinder (4) with four screws (3). b. Install carburetor (see paragraph 7-2). 6-15


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