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TM 55-4920-436-13&P
h. Preparing davit crane for operation.
1. Unbuckle strap (1) securing crane boom (2)
to solar bar (3).
2. Store strap (1) in storage chest.
2-4. Safeguarding bolts and washers.
Care must be taken to ensure that
the proper bolts and washers are
available  to  secure  equipment
when shop is to be transported.
Lack of correct hardware could
cause  extensive  damage  to
equipment or the shelter when the
shop is moved.
All bolts and washers removed from equipment will
be collected and placed in cotton mailing bags (see item
2, App D). Bags are kept in the shop storage chest for
safekeeping until shelter is to be moved and equipment
rebolted to the floor.
2-5. Electric power.
HIGH VOLTAGE exists in the
electrical system of the shop. All
electrical inspections, repairs or
replacement will be performed
with the power off and only by
qualified  electricians.  Serious
shock hazards exist which could
result in injury or even death to


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