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TM 55-4920-436-13&P
From storage chest remove a quick
disconnect coupling (4).
3. Install the quick disconnect coupling (4) on
air inlet nipple (2).
4. Tighten coupling (4) securely.
b. Water supply connection.
When water is to be supplied to
shelter proceed as follows.
1. Remove protective dust cap (1) from each
end of water feed thru connector (2).
2. Install adapters and fittings as required.
Reposition  storage  chest  in
mounting bracket when no longer
2-7. Checking shelter level. Once all equipment is in
the recommended operational position recheck leveling
of shelter.  Use procedures in TM 10-5411-201-14 to
verify and adjust level. Correct adjustment is essential
to ensure proper operation of machine tools, doors and
access panels.
The Engine shop is now operational.


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