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TM 55-4920-436-13&P
2-10. Bolts and washers for equipment tie down.
Care must be taken to ensure that the proper bolts and washers are used to secure equipment
v-hen shop is transported.  Lack of correct hardware could cause extensive damage to
equipment or the shelter
a. Remove cotton bags with tie down bolts and washers from shop storage chest.
b. Inspect hardware for damage or missing parts.
c. Chew out a torque wrench from tool crib.
d. All bolts will be tightened to the specific torque value given. See App. F.
Torque values provided must be respected to prevent possible damage to equipment or the
shelter. Improper procedures could result in extensive damage to government property.
2-11. Repositioning shop equipment. The following procedures' and recommended sequence, for moving equipment
from the operational mode to the transport or storage mode will be observed.
a. Securing vibration testers.
1. Remove bracket {1 ) from top of double tiered cabinet {21.


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