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CHAP  5,   S E C    1] D I S A S S E M B LY P A R   74,    S T E P S   1  7  -  2 0 Figure 55 (Step 17) Install three mounting bolts (A) in jackscrew holes. Attach sling (B) and remove adapter (C) and  gear  (D).  Remove  gasket  (E).  Caution: While lifting adapter, be careful t o prevent gear  from  dropping. Figure 56 (Step 18) If  input  transfer  drive  gear  (A)  remained  with flange adapter assembly (B), position the as- sembly  in  a  press.  Press  gear  (A)  and  its bearings, as an assembly, from the adapter. Figure 57  (Iltep 19) Remove plug (,4), gasket (B) and oil screen  ((C) from input  tramsfer  h o IIs i n g (D). Using a 5/8-inch  wrenc:h,  remov(! self- locking bolt (E) and flat washer (F). *m   Figure 58 (f3tep 20) Using a hammer and chisel, straighten lock strip  (A).  Re:move   two  bolts  (B),  lock  strip (A) and strap (C). 82


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