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PAR  2 1 6 - 2 21 LEFT,    RIGHT    OUTPUT    HOUSINGS    REBUILD CHAP   5,   SEC   X X X! (9)  Press  spindle  19  into  carrier  20 with cornpcment pa rts as outlined inq(l) through until it is flush to O. 010 inch below the car- rier  surface. ~$bove. Right-out  put Drive Planetary Carrier —.> (10) Install spindle lock pin 21. Drive Assemb~(~-g.   386, f o id-out  1~~ left- and right - output drive planetary  assem- the pin in below the top edge of the bore. blies are  identic;ll,    therefore   the   assembly procedure  is  the  same  as  described  in  ~(i) (11) Install the remaining two pinions through a( 11), ab(]ve. Section XXXI. 217.  DESCRIPTION Refer to pars. 26 and LEFT- 27 for tion of the output drive housings. and  RIGHT-OUTPUT  DRIVE  HOU5 INGS -- REBUILD the descrip- 218. DISASSEMBLY a. Left-output Drive Housing Assembly 138,  fig.  385,  fold-out  14) (1)  Remove  gasket  17  from  housing  as- sembly 38. (2) Do not remove outer race of  roller bearing 34 unless replacement is necessary. If necessary, drive the race from the housing assembly. Note. If outer race of roller bearing 34  is  removed,  the  bearing  inner  race also  will  have  to  be  replaced. (3) Do not remove plugs 36 and 37 unless replacement  is  necessary.  If  necessary,  re- move  the  plugs. b.  Right-output  Drive  Housing  Assembl (14,  ~ig.  386,  fold-out  15).  The  1  ef t-  an: right-o u t p u t drive hous~g assemblies are identical,  therefore  the  disassembly  proce- dure is the same as described in  a(1)  through a(3),  above. 219.  CLEANING Refer  to  par. dations. 71 for cleaning recommen- 220.  INSPECTION  ANID REPAIR Refer  to  pa:?.  72  for  general  inspection and repair recorrlrnendations.   Repair and re- build points of measurements for fits, clear- ances  ;and wear  .imits are indicated[   by  small letters in figs. 385 and 386, fold-outs 14 and 15. Refer to  par~;. 248 and 249 for wear limits information. 221.  ASSEM.BL’[ )/0 a.  Left-out  mt Drive  Housin@issembly - ~38,   fig.   385,   fold-out   14) -———_ (1) If  out~  r  race  of  roller  bearing  34 was removed from housing assembly 38, in- stall  a.  new  repl Zcement.   Press  the  race  in housing until it i~~ f lush with the top of its bore. Note.   Install  inner  race  of  replace- —— ment roller bearing 34 on output hub 32!. Press  011  race  until  firmly  seated. (2) If plug~j 36 and 37 were removed, in- stall new  replac. ?ments. (3) Install gasket 17 into its groove in housing assembly 38. b.  Right-o\tput Housin    Assembly “+ (14,  ~ig~  386,  fold-out  15.  The  left-  and right- o u t p u t d rive housing assemblies are identical,  therejo~e  th~e  assembly  procedure is the same as d escrib,ed  in ~(l) through 2(3), above. 161


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