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SECTION I TM 9-2520-238-34P 9 b. When National Stock Number or Part Number is Known: (1) First. Using the National Stock Number and the Part Number Index, find the pertinent National Stock Number  or  Part  Number.  The  NSN  index  is  in  National  Item  Identification  Number  (NIIN)  sequence  (see 4.a(1)). The part numbers in the Part Number index are listed in ascending alphanumeric sequence (see 4.b) Both indexes cross-reference you to the illustration/figure and item number of the item you are looking for. (2) Second. Turn to the figure and item number, verify that the item is the one you’re looking for, then locate the item number in the repair parts list for the figure. 7. Abbreviations Abbreviation Explanation NIIN National Item Identification Number (consists of the last 9 digits of the NSN) RPSTL Repair Parts and Special Tools List FOV Family of Vehicles Distr Distribution DS Direct Support GS General Support Assy Assembly


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