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TM  9-2520-272-34&P 4-18. INSTALL   TRANSMISSION   TOP   COMPONENTS (SHEET  2  OF  16) TASK   1.   INSTALL   GOVERNOR   SCREEN   ASSEMBLY,   OIL   TRANSFER   PLATE   ASSEMBLY AND   SEPARATOR   PLATE COMMON   TOOLS: Extension,   socket   wrench,   1/2   inch   square   drive,   6   inch Handle,   socket   wrench,   1/2   inch   square   drive Screwdriver,   flat   tip Socket,   socket   wrench,   1/2   inch   square   drive,   1/2   inch Socket,   socket   wrench,   1/2   inch   square   drive,   7/16   inch Socket,   socket   wrench,   1/2   inch   square   drive,   3/8   inch Wrench,   torque,   0-175   ft-lb FABRICATED    TOOLS: Guide   pin,   5/16-18   x   3   inch   (4   required)   (refer   to   Appendix   D) REPAIR   PARTS: Gasket   (oil   transfer   plate)   (73342)   23047805 SUPPLIES: Petrolatum   (Item   14,   Appendix   C) Cloth,   batiste,   lint-free   (Item   6,   Appendix   C) t CAUTION Transmission   must   be   in   upright   position   when   oil   transfer   gasket,   oil   transfer plate,   separator   plate   and   control   valve   assemblies   are   installed.   If transmission   is   not   in   vertical   position   when   these   items   are   installed, misalignment   of   holes   can   block   oil   flow,   causing   malfunction   of   transmission. Care   should   be   taken   not   to   let   dust   get   into   control   valve   assemblies.   Keep top   of   transmission   center   housing   clean.   Keep   all   parts   clean.   Wipe   with lint-free   cloth.   Contamination   of   control   valves   can   cause   transmission failure. Before   installing   oil   transfer   plate   gasket,   check   to   make   sure   that   two   bolts holding   second   and   third   clutch   housings   to   transmission,   two   pitot   signal   tubes extending   into   third   clutch   backing   plate,   and   governor   screen   assembly   have all   been   installed.   Refer   to   OVERVIEW.   These   parts   cannot   be   installed   after top   components   are   on   the   transmission. Go  to  Sheet  3 Para.  4-18,  Task  1 Change 1 4-81


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