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TM 9-2520-272-34&P 4-20. REPAIR RIGHT END COVER COMPONENTS (SHEET 14 OF 14) 55 Apply  petrolatum  and  lubricating  oil  to  bearing (6) housing in end cover (3). 56 Using   arbor   press,   install   bearing   (6)   in   end cover (3).   Press bearing to shoulder. 57 Apply  petrolatum  and  lubricating  oil  to  race  (7) housing in end cover (3). 58 Using  arbor  press,  install  race  (7)  in  end  cover (3).  Press race until seated in end cover. 59 Turn end cover (3) over, outside up. 60 Apply   petrolatum    and   lubricating   oil   to   outer diameter of two bearings (1, 5). NOTE Press   bearings   with   driver   against   numbered side of bearings. 61 Using  arbor  press,  install  two  brake  apply  shaft bearings (1, 5) in end cover (3).   Press bearings 0.030- 0.040    inch    (0.762-1.016    mm)    in    from    seal    (2,    4) shoulder. NOTE Install   seal   with   numbered   side   of   seal against installer tool. Small end of installer tool is used for brake apply shaft seals. Seal contains dry type sealer on outer edge. 62 Using   seal   installer   tool   and   hammer,   install seals  (2,  4)  in  end  cover  (3).      Drive  seals  to 0.080  inch  (2.032  mm)  below  surface  of  end cover. WARNING Hot  parts  can  burn  you.      Always  wear  leather gloves when working with parts  that  are  might  be hot. 63 Using two heat guns, heat new sleeve (8) to 300 degrees.   Heat for 15 minutes. 64 Using  an  arbor  press,  press  new  sleeve  (8)  on  housing  (3).      Install  chamfered  I.D.      of  sleeve  to  shoulder  of housing. FOLLOW-ON PROCEDURE: Assemble right end cover.   Refer to paragraph 4-21. End of Task 5 Para.   4-20, Task 5 Change 2   4-125


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