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TM   9-2520-272-34&P 4-21. 17 18 19 20 21 ASSEMBLE   RIGHT   END   COVER   ASSEMBLY (SHEET  8  OF  22) CAUTION Unless  the  brake  clutch  pack  is  new,  keep all   clutch   and   reaction   disks   in   the   same order   and   facing   the   same   way.   When   one disk   is   to   be   replaced,   replace   the   entire clutch   pack   Each   used   disk   has   established its   own   contour   and   wear   pattern.   The clutch   assembly   may   not   operate   effectively because   disks   in   the   pack   may   have   poor surface   contact   when: A   disk   is   turned   over. Disk   positions   in   the   pack   are   changed. A   new   disk   is   inserted. NOTE Brake   clutch   pack   (19)   consisting   of   six   in- ternally   splined   clutch   disks   (20)   and   five clutch   reaction   disks   (21)   should   be   im- mersed   in   transmission   oil   for   a   minimum   of two   minutes   before   installing   the   pack. Soak   brake   clutch   pack   (19)   in   transmission   oil. Install   one   internally   splined   clutch   disk   (20)   on   brake clutch   backing   plate   (2). InstalI   one   clutch   reaction   disk   (21)   with   six   notched external   projections   around   six   large   pins   (22). Alternately   install   splined   clutch   disk   (20)   and   clutch reaction   disk   (21)   until   six   splined   clutch   disks   and   five clutch   reaction   disks   have   been   installed. Install   end   clutch   reaction   disk   (23)   so   that   ends   of   six spring  retaining  pins  (1)  are  through  six  pin  holes  (24) in   disk Go  to  Sheet  9 Para.   4-21,   Task   3 4-133


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