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TM   9-2520-272-34&P 1-4.   NOMENCLATURE   CROSS-REFERENCE   LIST    This   list   matches   common   names   used   in   this   manual   with   official   nomenclature   used   in description   column   of   Repair   Parts   and   Special   Tools   List   (RPSTL),   Appendix   B. Common   Name Official   Nomenclature hydrostat thrust   washer clutch   backing   plate external-tanged   clutch   plate reaction   plate internal-splined   clutch   plate friction-faced    clutch    plate lube   tube scavenge   tube filter-in   tube filter-out   tube sump   communication   tube range   input   shaft cam   shaft helical   coil   insert petroleum   jelly hydrostatic   pump   and   motor   assembly thrust   washer   bearing clutch   disk clutch   disk clutch   disk clutch   disk clutch   disk metallic   tube metallic   tube metallic   tube metallic   tube metallic   tube shouldered   shaft control   cam screw   thread   insert petrolatum 1-5.   REPORTING   EQUIPMENT   IMPROVEMENT   RECOMMENDATIONS   (EIR) If   your   transmission   needs   improvement,   let   us   know.    Send  us  an  EIR.  You,  the  user,  are  the only   one   who   can   tell   us   what   you   don’t   like   about   your   equipment.   Let   us   know   why   yOU  don’t like   the   design.   Put   it   on   an   SF   368   (Quality   Deficiency   Report).   Mail   it   to   us   at: Commander U.S.   Army   Tank-Automotive   Command AMSTA-QRT Warren,    Michigan    48397-5000 We’ll  send  you  a  reply. 1-6.   FUNCTIONS   OF   THE   TRANSMISSION Vehicle   Drive   Power.   Power   is   transmitted   from   engine   to   transmission   through   the   torque converter.  The  torque  converter  is  a  fluid  C O Upling   and   torque   multiplier.   The   increased   torque from   the   torque   converter   is   extended   through   selected   planetary   gears   to   output   shafts. Left   and   right   output   shafts   transmit   power   to   the   final   drive   assemblies   The   final   drive   units operate   sprocket   drive   shafts   for   left   and   right   tracks. A   clutch   arrangement   in   the   transmission   enables   gear   selection. Steerinq.   Steering   is   accomplished   through   the   transmission. Braking. Braking   is   accomplished   through   the   transmission. 1-2 Para.   1-4


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