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TM   9-2520-272-34&P Section   III.   LOCATION   OF   MAJOR   ASSEMBLIES Paragraph 1-11 1-12 1-13 1-14 1-15 1-16 1-17 Title Transmission   Top   Components Major   Components   of   the   Right   End   Cover   Assembly Major   Components   of   the   Left   End   Cover   Assembly Major  Components  of  the  Torque  Converter  and  Input Housing   Assembly Major   Components   of   the   Bevel   Gear   Assembly Major   Components   of   the   Center   Housing,   Left   Side Major  Components  of  the  Center  Housing,  Right  Side Page 1-6 1-7 1-8 1-9 1-10 1-12 1-11.   TRANSMISSION   TOP   COMPONENTS The   functional   components   on   top   of   the   transmission   are   control   valve   assemblies   and solenoids   All   components   must   be   removed   from   the   top   of   the   transmission   prior   to   removal of   the   range   pack.   Sensor   tubes   and   bolts   extending   into   the   range   pack   are   accessed   from   the top   of   the   center   housing,   beneath   transmission   top   components Fig.  1-4.  Exploded  View  of  Major  Top  Components 1-6 Para.   1-11


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