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TM   9-2520-272-34&P 4-29. REPAIR   CENTER   HOUSING   COMPONENTS 31 32 33 34 35 (SHEET   22   OF  31) Install   range   input   shaft   (2)   with   its   attached   parts into   rear   carrier   drum   (5). Install   center   carrier   assembly   (6)   on   range   input   shaft (2). Install   front   internal   gear   (4),   large onto   range   input   shaft   (2). Using   screwdriver,   install   retaining Install   two   seal   rings   (1)   onto   range end   downward, ring   (3). input   shaft   (2). FOLLOW-ON   PROCEDURE:   Install   input   shaft components.   Refer   to   paragraph   4-30. End  of  Task  7 TASK   8.   REPAIR   CENTER   HOUSING Do   not   remove   center   housing COMMON   TOOLS: NOTE components   unless   repair   is   necessary. Adapter,   socket   wrench,   1/2   to   3/8   inch   square   drive Coil   Thread   Insert   Kit Extension,   socket   wrench,   1/2   inch   square   drive,   6   inch Extractor    Set Hammer,   hand,   ball   peen Hammer,   hand,   plastic   faced Handle,   socket   wrench,   1/2   inch   square   drive Gun,   heat   (2   required) Pliers,   slip   joint Pliers,    wrench Press,   arbor,   hand   operated Puller   Kit,   mechanical,   bearing   and   gear Screwdriver,   small   flat   tip Socket,   socket   wrench,   1/2   inch   square   drive,   7/16   inch Socket,   socket   wrench,   hex,   3/8   inch   square   drive,   3/16   inch Threading   Set Wrench,    adjustable Wrench,   combination,   1/2   inch   (2   required) Wrench,   combination,   9/16   inch   (2   required) Wrench,   combination,   3/4   inch   (2   required) Wrench,   torque,   0-175   ft-lb Go   to   Sheet   23 4-212   Change   1 Para.   4-29,   Task   8


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