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TM   9-2520-272-34&P 4-29. REPAIR   CENTER   HOUSING   COMPONENTS (SHEET   26   OF   31) Replace   Helical   Coil   Inserts NOTE Use   coil   thread   insert   tool   kit   to   replace   any of   eight   screw   thread   inserts   (helical   coil inserts)    (17). 18   Using   screwdriver,   pry   out   end   of   insert   (17). Using   slip   joint   pliers,   remove   insert   (17). 19 20   Clean   out   threads. Using   threading   set,   retap   threads. 21 WARNING Compressed   air   used   for   cleaning   purposes must   not   exceed   30   pounds   of   pressure   per square   inch.   Use   only   with   effective   chip guards   and   protective   personal   equipment including   goggles   or   face   shield   and   gloves. Never   blow   compressed   air   toward   another person. Clean   out   hole   with   compressed   air. 22 23   Screw   new   insert   (17)   onto insert   kit. Using   insertion   tool,   screw insertion tool of coil thead new insert (17) 1 to 2 turns surface   of   center   housing. 24 below Drive   locking   keys   in   place   using   a   hammer. Remove   insertion   tool.   Remove   tang. to   Sheet   27 Go 4-216   Change   1 Para.   4-29,   Task   8


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