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TM 9-2520-272-34&P Section IV.  EQUIPMENT DATA Paragraph Title Page 1-18 Transmission Data 1-13 1-18.  TRANSMISSION DATA Operator’s instructions are located in vehicle operation manuals.  Reference to the appropriate vehicle technical manual is in Appendix A, References. MANUFACTURER Allison Transmission Division, GMC MODEL X200-4 X200-4A RATINGS: Input horsepower, net (max.) 265 350 Input speed 2800 rpm Gross vehicle weight 30,000 pounds at 40 mph 36,000 pounds at 40 mph CONVERTER: Type Single stage, three element, polyphase StaIl torque ratio 3.32:1 2.70:1 Lockup clutch Automatic second through fourth range GEARING TYPE Constant mesh, spur type, planetary RANGES Four forward, one reverse Ratios: First 4.16:1 Second 2.34:1 Third 1.46:1 Fourth 1.04:1 Reverse 6.62:1 STEERING TYPE Infinitely variable, hydrostatically controlled differential Range: Minimum Steer Ratio: First 2.31:1 Second 1.58:1 Third 1.32:1 Fourth 1.22:1 Neutral Pivot Para.  1-18 Change 2  1-13


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