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TM   9-2520-272-34&P 2-4.   MALFUNCTION,   TEST   OR   INSPECTION,   AND   CORRECTIVE   ACTION   PROCEDURES (Continued) MALFUNCTION TEST   OR   INSPECTION CORRECTIVE   ACTION 1. VEHICLE   MOVES   WITH   SHIFT   LEVER   AT   N   (Continued) Step   2. Check   transmission   harness   and   solenoid   assembly   to   determine location   of   defect.   Remove   top   cover   in   accordance   with   para.   4-5. a   Check   resistance   of   solenoids   B,   D   and   E   in   accordance   with   para.   2-5. Resistance   reading   must   be   60-80   ohms. b   If   solenoid   assembly(ies)   is/are   defective,   replace   solenoid   assembly   (ies)   in accordance  with  para.  4-31  and  go  to  Step  3. c.   If   solenoid   assembly(ies)   check   good,   repair   harness   in   accordance   with para.  4-31  or  replace  harness  in  accordance  with  para.  4-5  and  go  to Step   3. Step  3. Check   vehicle   operation   with   engine   speed   at   1000   rpm   and   shift   lever at   N. a.   If   vehicle   does   not   move   with   shift   lever   at   N,   return   vehicle   to   service. b.   If   vehicle   moves   with   shift   lever   at   N,   replace   lockup   control   valve assembly  in  accordance  with  para.  4-5  and  go  to  Step  4. Step   4. Recheck   vehicle   operation. a.   If   vehicle   does   not   move   with   shift   lever   at   N,   return   vehicle   to   service. b.   If   vehicle   moves   with   shift   lever   at   N,   transmission   is   defective   beyond the   level   of   Direct   Support   Maintenance.   Separate   transmission   from power   pack   in   accordance   with   procedures   in  TM9-1450-300-34   or TM9-2350-277-34    and    send    to    General    Support. GENERAL   SUPPORT.   The   following   maintenance   action   is   indicated: Repair   Area: A   problem   in   the   range   clutch   area   of   the   transmission   is   indicated,   with   the probability   that   the   forward   (C-1)   or   the   fourth-reverse   (C-2)   clutch   in combination   with   the   first   (C-5)   clutch   and   related   components   are   affected. Repair   Procedure   Reference: Refer  to  para.  4-28  for  all  range  clutch  maintenance  tasks. 2-4 Para.  2-4


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