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TM   9-2520-272-34&P 2-4.   MALFUNCTION,   TEST   OR   INSPECTION,   AND   CORRECTIVE   ACTION   PROCEDURES (Continued) MALFUNCTION TEST   OR   INSPECTION CORRECTIVE  ACTION 6. TRANSMISSION   DOES   NOT   HOLD   IN   2ND   RANGE   WITH   SHIFT   LEVER   AT   1-2 PRELIMINARY TROUBLESHOOTING. Organizational maintenance determined: Voltage   at   vehicle   harness   connector   at   transmission   is   normal, and  /or, Original   symptom   still   present   after   governor   two   (G2)   as- sembly   replaced. Step   1. With   master   switch   at   OFF,   disconnect   vehicle   harness   connector   from transmission   Perform   resistance   checks   to   ground   (Pin   H)   and solenoid   pins   E   and   G   (Hold   2nd).   Pin   designations   match   actuating solenoids   E   and   G.   Resistance   reading   must   be   60-80   ohms a.   If   solenoid   resistances   are   normal,   replace   control   valve   assembly   in accordance  with  para.  4-5  and  go  to  Step  3. b.   If   solenoid   resistance   is   outside   of   specified   limits,   go   to   Step   2. Step   2. Troubleshoot   transmission   harness   and   solenoid   assembly   to   determine a b c. defect   location.   Remove   top   cover   in   accordance   with   para.   4-5. Check   resistance   of   solenoids   E   and   G   (Hold   2nd)   in   accordance   with   para. 2-5.   Resistance   reading   must   be   60-80   ohms. If   solenoid   assembly(ies)   is   defective,   replace   solenoid(s)   in   accordance with   para.   4-31   and   go   to   Step   3. If   solenoid   assembly(ies)   checks   qood,   repair   harness   in   accordance   with para.   4-31   or   replace   harness Step   3. Step   3. Check   vehicle   operation. Para. in   accordance   with   para.   4-5   and   go   to 2-4 2 - 1 0


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