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TM  9-2520-272-34&P     Section  II.  TRANSMISSION  DISASSEMBLY  INTO  MAJOR  ASSEMBLIES Paragraph 4-3 4-4 4-5 4-6 4-7 4-8 4-9 4-10 4-11 Title Service   Upon   Receipt Remove   Transmission   from   Container Remove   Transmission   Top   Components Install   Transmission   on   Maintenance   Stand Remove   Right   End   Cover   Assembly Remove   Left   End   Cover   Assembly Remove    Converter    Element    Components Remove   Input   Housing   Assembly Remove   Bevel   Gear   Assembly Page 4-2 4-3 4-5 4-13 4-20 4-27 4-35 4-40 4-42 4-3.   SERVICE   UPON   RECEIPT Transmission   Received   in   Container.   Repairable   transmissions   received   at   a   Direct   or   General Support   Maintenance   activity   will   usually   be   packaged   in   a   special   reusable   shipping   and   storage container. Transmissions   received   in   containers   should   remain   packaged   until   maintenance   work   is scheduled   to   begin. Paragraph   4-4   provides   procedures   for   removal   of   transmission   from container.   Avoid   damaging   the   container   during   the   unpacking   operation. Check   unpacked   equipment   in   the   following   manner: Inspect   the   equipment   for   damage   incurred   during   shipment.   If   the   equipment   has   been damaged,   report   the   damage   on   DD   Form   6,   Packaging   Improvement   Report. Check   the   equipment   against   the   packing   slip   to   see   if   the   shipment   is   complete. Report   all   discrepancies   in   accordance   with   the   instructions   of   DA   PAM   738-750. Check   to   see   whether   the   equipment   has   been   modified. Other   Access   to   Transmission.   Maintenance   procedures   have   been   prepared   on   the   basis   that transmissions   will   be   received   at   General   Support   packaged   in   a   shipping   and   storage   container. However,   Direct   Support   may   have   access   to   the   transmission   while   it   is   still   connected   to   the engine.   Direct   Support   personnel   are   responsible   for   verification   of   organization troubleshooting   procedures   and   for   separation   of   transmission   from   engine   (TM   9-1450-300-34 or   TM   9-2315-277-34). 4-2 Para.   4-3


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