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ARMY TM 9-2805-256-14 AIR FORCE TO 38G2-102-2 NAVY NAVFAC P-8-611-14E 5-8. Governor Assembly. This  task  covers: a. Removal c.  Repair  (breaker  point  ignition) b.  Repair  (breakerless  ignition) d.  Installation INITIAL  SETUP Tools Materials/Parts   (cont) General  Mechanic’s  Tool  Kit  (Item  1,  Appendix  B) Gasket, Throttle Housing, Front (P/N 9786E64-6) Gasket,  Throttle  Housing,  Rear  (P/N  9786E65-3) Materials/Parts Gasket,  Throttle  Housing  to  Carburetor (P/N  9786E65-4) Rags,  Wiping  (Item  6,  Appendix  D) Solvent,  Drycleaning  (Item  7,  Appendix  D) a. Removal. (figure 5-2) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) 5-8 Loosen  clamp  (1)  and  remove  control  rod  housing  (2)  from  throttle  housing  (3). Remove  two  screws  (4)  and  washers  (5)  securing  throttle  housing  cover  (6)  and  gasket  (7)  and  remove. Remove  screw  (8)  and  washer  (9)  securing  throttle  lever  (10)  to  throttle  rod  (11)  and  remove. Remove  two  screws  (12)  and  washers  (13)  and  remove  throttle  housing  (3)  gasket  (14)  rear  cover  (15) and gasket (16). NOTE Step 5 is for engines with breaker point ignition. Tag  and  remove  condenser  lead  (17)  from  noise  suppression  filter  (18). NOTE On  engines  with  breaker  point  ignitions  make  note  of  grounding  strap  placement  before removing  screws  securing  governor  assembly. Remove  three  screws  (19)  and  washers  (20)  securing  governor  assembly  (21)  and  gasket  (22)  and remove. Remove  old  gasket  from  mating  surfaces.


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