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ARMY   TM9-2805-262-14 AIR  FORCE  TO  38G2-90-1 NAVY   NAVFAC   P-8-613-14E 6-12.  Camshaft,   Camshaft   Gear,   Valve   Tappets   and   Thrustplate. This  task  covers: a.  Removal b.  Inspection c.   Installation INITIAL  SETUP Tools Equipment Condition (cont) General  Mechanic’s  Tool  Kit  (Item  1,  Appendix  B) Flywheel removed (para.5-23). Kit, Puller (NSN 5120-00-423-1 596) (Item 3, Fuel pump removed (para.4-37). Appendix  B) End cover removed (para.6-9). Oil pan removed (para.5-20). Materials/Pads Rockers removed (para.5-9). Cylinder head removed (para.5-7). Rags,  Wiping  (Item  7,  Appendix  D) Solvent,  Drycfeaning  (Item  8,  Appendix  D) Washer,  Sealing  (P/N  NAS  1598-4Y) Gasket,  Camshaft  Thrust  Plate (NSN 5330-00-867-8771) NOTE Engine  should  be  upside  down  for  these  procedures. a. Removal. (figure 6-6) (1) (2) (3) (4) Remove  two  screws  (1),  washers  (2),  sealing  washers  (3),  and  remove  thrust  plate  (4),  gasket  (5),  ball (6), and spring (7). NOTE In order to remove camshaft the engine must be upside down to allow the value tappets to  slide  away  from  camshaft. Remove  camshaft  (8)  with  camshaft  gear  (9)  installed. NOTE Note placement of each valve tappet. Valve tappets should be installed in same location they are removed from. Remove  eight  valve  tappets  (10). Remove camshaft gear (9) and key (11) from camshaft (8). 6-14


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