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ARMY  TM  9-2805-262-14 AIR  FORCE  TO  38G2-9-1 NAVY  NAVFAC  P-8-613-14E 4-13. Fuel Filter Assembly. This task covers: a.  Disassembly b. Cleaning c.  Reassembly INITIAL  SETUP Tools Materials/Parts General Mechanic’s Tool Kit (Item 1, Appendix B) Rags, Wiping (Item 7, Appendix D) Solvent,  Drycleaning  (Item  8,  Appendix  D) WARNING Do not smoke or use an open flame in the vicinity of gasoline vapors. a. Disassembly . (figure 4-1) (1) Close fuel shutoff valve (l). (2) Loosen thumbscrew (2) and swing bail (3) out of way. (3) Remove bowl (4), gasket (5), and filter screen (6) from fuel filter head (7). b. Cleaning. WARNING Drycleaning solvent PD-680  used to clean parts is potentially dangerous to personnel and property. Avoid repeated and prolonged skin contact. Do not use near open flame or excessive heat. Flash point of solvent is 100°F-138°F (38°C-60°C). (1) Clean fuel filter head (7) using drycleaning solvent. (2) Clean fuel filter screen (6) using drycleaning solvent and replace if torn or otherwise damaged. c.  Reassembly (figure 40-1). (1) Install gasket (5) and filter screen (6) in fuel filter head (7), replace gasket if damaged. (2) Position bowl (4) on fuel filter head (7), swing bail (3) down and secure with thumbscrew (2). 4-10


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