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ARMY   TM   9-2805-262-14 AIR  FORCE  TO  38G2-90-1 NAVY   NAVFAC   P-3-613-14E 4-24. Air  Intake  Elbow. This  task  covers: a. Removal b. Installation INITIAL SETUP Tools Materials/Parts General Mechanic’s Tool Kit (Item 1, Appendix B) Gasket,  Carburetor  Mounting  (P/N  9786E26-2) a. Removal  (figure  4-16) (1) (2) (3) Loosen clamp (1) and remove duct (2) from air intake elbow (3). Remove two screws (4) and washers (5), loosen clamp (6) and remove air intake elbow (3) and gasket (7) from carburetor (8), and breather tube connector (9). Inspect air intake elbow (3) and replace if cracked or otherwise damaged. b. Installation (figure 4-16) (1) (2) (3) (4) 4-36 Make sure gasket surfaces are clean and free of old gasket. Loosen clamp (6) and install air intake elbow (3) on breather tube connector(9). Install gasket (7) and secure air intake elbow (3) to carburetor(8) with two screws (4) and washers(5). Install duct (2) on air intake elbow(3) and tighten clamp(l).


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