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TM 9-2815-202-24P 0001 00 Fourth. Look in the repair parts list work packages for the figure and item numbers. The NSNs and part numbers are on the same line as the associated item numbers. 2.    When the NSN Is Known. First. If you have the NSN, look in the STOCK NUMBER column of the NSN index work package. The NSNs are arranged in NIIN sequence. Note the figure and item number next to the NSN. Second. Turn to the figure and locate the item number. Verify that the item is the one you are looking for. 3.    P/N Is Known. First. If you have the P/N and not the NSN, look in the PART NUMBER column of the P/N index work package. Identify the figure and item number. Second. Look up the item on the figure in the applicable repair parts list work package. ABBREVIATIONS Abbreviation Explanation BLO Blower FOV Family of Vehicles INJ Injector OPT Optional SAE Society of Automotive Engineers Standard TURBO Turbocharger UNJF Unified National Fine Controlled Radius Root Thread UNRC Unified National Coarse Rounded Root Thread W/ With END OF WORK PACKAGE 0001 00-6


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