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TM 9-2815-226-34-1
f. Bushings and Bushing-Type Bearings.
(1) Check all bushing and bushing-type bearings for secure fit in their respective casting or mating part, and for
evidence of heating which may be indicated by discoloration of bushing or bearing surface.
(2) Inspect bushings and bushing-type bearings for wea r, burrs, nicks, and out-of-round condition.
(3) Check for dirt in lubrication holes or grooves of bushings or bushing-type bearings. Holes and grooves
must be clean and free from damage to insure proper lubrication.
(4) Check all bushings and bushing -type bearings for conformance to applicable repair standards (Table 3-1).
g. Oil Seals. Metal-encased oil seals should not be replaced unless inspection indicates damage.
(1) Inspect feather edge of oil seal for damage.
(2) Check seal for loss of pliability and resiliency.
h. Core Hole Plugs. Inspect core hole plugs for evidence of leakage. Replace seals if they are damaged or if
leakage is evident.
a. General. Procedures for repair will be the same for most parts and components which comprise the engine
subassemblies.  To avoid repetition of instructions, general procedures for repair are detailed in b through g
below. Any repair procedures which are peculiar to a specific part or component are covered in the section or
paragraph relating to that item. After repair, clean all parts thoroughly to prevent metal chips or abrasives used in
repair operations from entering working parts of the engine.
b. Castings.
(1) Replace all cracked castings.
(2) Replace all castings which do not conform to tolerances specified in repair standards in Table 3-1.


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