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TM 9-2815-226-34-1
(c) Add both dimensions. This represents depth of counterbore.
(d) Loosen setscrew on depth adjusting collar of gage rod.
(e) Slide adjusting collar to point where distance from rod mount plate to top of collar equals depth of
counterbore dimension determined in (c) above.
(f) Attach gage rod assembly mount plate to bottom of boring tool base plate with capscrew.
(g) Loosen round knob on top of tool and push drive shaft down until tool bit barely touches preset depth
collar on gage rod.
(h) Loosen setscrew on depth adjusting collar and turn collar clockwise until it contacts top of tool
housing. This establishes boring depth.
(i) Tighten adjusting collar setscrew.
(j) Remove gage rod from base plate.
(k) Pull upward on round knob and raise drive shaft all the way up.


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