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TM 9-2815-226-34-1
(2) Assemble micrometer tool bit setting gage.
(a) Place ST-1177-46 micrometer base shaft through ST-1177-45 micrometer bracket and screw shaft
into ST-1177-44 micrometer base. Tighten securely.
(b) Aline cutting tool bit alinement hole in micrometer base shaft with hole in micrometer bracket.
(c) Secure bracket to base shaft with socket head capscrew.
(d) Slide ST-117 7-39 centering ring over micrometer base shaft.
(e) Install micrometer in micrometer bracket. Leave micrometer retaining socket head capscrew loose.
(f) Adjust micrometer thimble to 4.750 in. (120.650 mm).
(g) Hold micrometer spindle against centering ring and tighten micrometer retaining socket head


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