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TM 9-2815-226-34-1
(7) Place head and lower plate on lower arm of tester alining locating pin on arm with plate hole.
(8) Check that O-rings in ST-1013 water header (upper adapter plate) are installed and are in good condition.
Replace O-rings as necessary.
(9) Position water header on top of head alining water hole locators on heater with holes in head.
(10) Tighten clamping screw against water header. Head is now secured to tester with all water ports sealed off.
(11) Lift tester with head and position over water tank.
(12) Connect air line to water header.
(13) Apply 30 - 40 psi (207 - 276 kPa) to head.
(14) Lower head into tank until top of head is 1/2 in. (12.70 mm) below water level.
(15) Check exhaust ports for leaks. If leakage noted, discard head.
(16) Remove pin from upper arm and rotate head 180 degrees.
(17) Check lower injector sleeve area for leaks. If leakage noted, mark sleeve for replacement.
(18) Rotate head back to upright position and pin upper arm in position. Check injector upper sleeve area for
leaks. If leakage noted, discard sleeve.
(19) Lift cylinder head from water tank.
(20) Cut off air supply and disconnect air line from water heater.
(21) Place tester and head on bench and remove head from tester.


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