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TM 9-2815-226-34-1
(4) Injector seat cutting.
Fuel injector tip protrusion must be measured to establish 0.060 to 0.070 in. (1.524
to 1.778 mm) protrusion above milled face of cylinder head. Cutting of sleeve will
provide proper injector seating and protrusion.
(a) Install fuel injector and secure with capscrews.
(b) Torque capscrews to 10 12 ft lbs (14 16 Nm).
(c) Using tool no. 3376220 gage block, measure tip protrusion.
(d) Record dimension and compare to specification. Difference will represent depth of sleeve cut.
(e) Remove fuel injector.
(f) Place ST-884 seat cutter in drill press with ST-884-6 pilot.
(g) Direct a solid stream of cutting oil to cutter to prevent chatter.


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