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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
c. Carefully insert cooler core into housing, aligning index mark or notch on cooler core with mark or notch on
housing. Do not disturb position of O-ring.
d. Install new lubricated O-ring in groove at opposite end of housing. Ensure that O-ring is fully seated and not
e. Install O-ring retainers in each end of housing.
f. Install new cover gasket and position cover on housing.
g. Secure cover with capscrews and lockwashers. Torque screws to 30 35 ft lbs (41 47 N-m).
h. Install new support gasket and position support on housing.
i. Secure support with capscrews and lockwashers. Torque screws to 30 -35 ft lbs (41 47 Nom).
j. Apply thread sealant to bypass valve and tightly secure in housing.
k. Install spring, bypass disc, and plug retainer into housing.
l. Install new sealing ring, new gasket, adapter, flat was her, lockwasher, and center bolt into housing.
m. Apply thread sealant to support and cover pipe plugs and install plugs. Tighten securely.
n. Apply thread sealant to draincock and install draincock into cover. Tighten securely.
o. Apply thread sealant to turbocharger oil supply fitting and remote bypass oil filter supply fitting.
p. Install fittings and tighten securely.
q. Wipe assembly clean.
r. Cap fittings and plug all openings.


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