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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
d. Turn assembly with barrel up and place cup on barrel.
e. Lubricate cup retainer threads and cup flange contact area with engine oil and screw retainer onto adapter finger
tight. Loosen 1/4 turn.
f. Coat plunger with clean injector test oil and install in adapter.
g. Install three O-rings on adapter.
h. Turn injector with cup side up and slide ST-995 retainer wrench over retainer and mount injector in ST-1298
holding fixture.
i. Engage 3375102 fixture body wrench over flats on injector adapter to keep injector from rotating.
j. Lubricate holding fixture stud threads with general purpose oil and tighten stud to 75 in. lbs (8.5 Nm) to ensure
cup-to-plunger alinement.
k. With 1-1/4 in. wrench engaged with ST-995 retainer wrench, torque retainer to 50 ft lbs (68 Nm).
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